My name is Joshua Limbaugh.

Born in the suburbs and raised in the woods of central Pennsylvania, then surrendering to the brilliant chaos of city life, I am an open book with my heart on my sleeve and I will only use my powers for good.

My inspiration came first from nature and music, and later architecture, history, sculpture, painting, and photography. Professionally I’ve been a designer for 18 years. My experience runs the gamut from small startups and mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies and the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

I am meticulous, passionate, kind, and want only to do good work while being treated like a human. 11 years of agency life taught me that I will no longer work for those who are self-serving. If you use your power to get rich off the backs of your fellow humans, then I AM coming for you.

“Bicaboc” is what happens when a three-year-old comes down with chicken pox but can’t pronounce it, and is then blessed with a new nickname by his older brother.